Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's a boy!

This morning in the shower, I named my characters. I have really been struggling with their names, so I'm excited to have settled. I have reasons for each of the names that I picked:

The Villain: Brett, short for Aaron Barrett Williams, III. Also know as Burl, Burt, and A.B. Williams. I need to change his last name, or maybe I don't. He's projecting himself onto...

The Victim: Will, as in freewill, as in short for William, as in, should I change Brett's last name, or does it work having them share a common name? I think it works, actually. Kind of cool, and almost random. I'm sure my subconscious had something to do with it.

The Kid: Adam, as in the first man. Also tempted by the apple, incurring sin and God's wrath, yada yada...

The Director: Don, because then his drag name can be Dawn, and because I was originally pushing for Ron, but didn't want him to be confused with Ron Weasley or Ronnie in Little Children.

The Sleuth: Kat, after Katherine Hepburn.

Do we like the names?

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lolasangel said...

Hehe...inspiration always comes in the shower.

I like the names and the reasons behind them. I completely feel you on changing the last name of Brett, because it could get confusing.

My favorite resource for last names is here.

And while I like invokes a particular type of woman [strong willed, a little wackadoo] in my mind, which could be a good thing [don't know too much about her character yet]. But a couple nickname options might be Kate or Katie, or just straight up Katherine.

Good job!


What are the other character's last names? :( Everyone should have a last name.