Thursday, January 1, 2009

A break in the case, so to speak...

After a month's respite, I am returning to my novel. I have decided to rewrite it as a mystery novel. The conventions work, I think, with the exception that no one will die. Or at least the victim will not die. There will probably be other casualties, and much needs to be changed. I am not starting over, and I probably won't change that much of the plot, but the characters will change significantly, and the storytelling must be entirely restructured.

Ah, Editing, I've only danced briefly with you in the past. How we shall cover the floor this spin around...

This evening, I shall introduce myself to my "killer."

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lolasangel said...

Ooo...a mystery you say?
I'm intrigued.

You can definitely do it without the victim dying. Perhaps the person solving the mystery is able to figure it out before the person is killed--or they begin solving the mystery after the attempt is made.

That should be quite a task, but having a formula/structure can be rather nice.

I probably won't start editing until February...but then again, I also have to finish writing first. Hehe.