Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's a boy!

This morning in the shower, I named my characters. I have really been struggling with their names, so I'm excited to have settled. I have reasons for each of the names that I picked:

The Villain: Brett, short for Aaron Barrett Williams, III. Also know as Burl, Burt, and A.B. Williams. I need to change his last name, or maybe I don't. He's projecting himself onto...

The Victim: Will, as in freewill, as in short for William, as in, should I change Brett's last name, or does it work having them share a common name? I think it works, actually. Kind of cool, and almost random. I'm sure my subconscious had something to do with it.

The Kid: Adam, as in the first man. Also tempted by the apple, incurring sin and God's wrath, yada yada...

The Director: Don, because then his drag name can be Dawn, and because I was originally pushing for Ron, but didn't want him to be confused with Ron Weasley or Ronnie in Little Children.

The Sleuth: Kat, after Katherine Hepburn.

Do we like the names?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Title and a Villain

Actually, that wouldn't make a bad working title either: A Title and a Villain

My working title is, for now, Whose Plot is It, Anyway? A little exhausted, but I won't be keeping it, and it helps to keep me on track and encourage me to inject humor into what may easily become a very dark tale.

My villain is Aaron Barrett "Brett" Willaims, III. He goes by many names corresponding to his many personas: A.B. Gillaim, Burt, Burl... For now, I'm writing his backstory--how he was beaten as a child and beaten as an adult, and now he beats people that remind him of himself. I want the reader to hate him, but feel sorry for him.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A break in the case, so to speak...

After a month's respite, I am returning to my novel. I have decided to rewrite it as a mystery novel. The conventions work, I think, with the exception that no one will die. Or at least the victim will not die. There will probably be other casualties, and much needs to be changed. I am not starting over, and I probably won't change that much of the plot, but the characters will change significantly, and the storytelling must be entirely restructured.

Ah, Editing, I've only danced briefly with you in the past. How we shall cover the floor this spin around...

This evening, I shall introduce myself to my "killer."

It's a New Year!

New Year's Resolutions 2009

1. Write every day.

2. Write the second draft of my novel by March 31.

3. Edit a rough cut of The Dead Hear Footsteps: The Movie by February 14. Edit a fine cut by March 31.

4. Write a rough draft of Baker's Dozen during Script Frenzy (the month of April).

I was going to put a short stop-motion film on my list, but in addition to the list above, I will be working full-time at the pottery studio, teaching a film class Monday nights, planning for a new theater on Thursday nights, designing a website for South Jackson, and going to school online for Residential Planning. I'm trying to be optimistic without overextending myself too much...