Monday, February 2, 2009

Following the leader...

I haven't posted in a while, either, lolasangel:

In the meantime I have learned that too much planning can be just as paralyzing as too little planning. Today, I am jumping in and writing the second draft. (Not all of it, obviously.)

I know my characters, though they don't all have last names yet. I don't think they need definite names until they are introduced in the book, though, and some of them may not be mentioned for a while. For now, I have Will Goodman, my victim, and Kat Need-a-last-name, my detective. I'm starting with a newspaper article about the crime (as a prologue), then picking up "three months earlier."

I have been overly concerned about genre conventions this past month. I know my genre, even if I am more familiar with the television version than the printed word. Now I need to just write my genre.

So, here goes.

I'll give you a weekly Monday update from here on out...

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lolasangel said... least you're familiar with your genre. I'm still trying to get familiar with the conventions.
Although, I could make it easier on myself by just calling it fantasy (with alternate reality version of victoriana with steampower and massive scientific advances) instead of Steampunk.

But yeah...starting is good.