Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For real, now

Well, I have put off and put off cleaning my bedroom, and now the entire downstairs is so congested that I can hardly make it down the steps, so I am really cleaning my bedroom today.

Here's the plan:
Mom comes to pick me up, and we drive to Manchester, so we can get Starbucks for breakfast, since neither of us can move around the house enough to find food.

I come home sated and proceed to sort laundry, throw trash away, charge my cell phone, and make a shopping list.

I leave again for Wal-Mart and food, returning to watch Rabbit-Proof Fence (see how I'm sneaking in a little research time?) as I eat. All the while, the cabinets are being installed.

Finally, once everyone has left, I can start actually doing my laundry, taking breaks to go grocery shopping with Mom, look over my lines for The Bad Seed, or watch an episode of The Daily Show that I missed last night. I envy Rob's TiVo.

I need to be at South Jackson by 6:30 for the Playhouse meeting, and Mom and I are eating sometime before then. Throughout the day, I am working on coaxing a miniDV tape of footage I shot from the cable station so I can pull stills for inspiration... So far, Pete has sent me some neat stills, but they are not the ones I'm looking for, so I hope he'll allow me to borrow the tape. (I really hope he knows where the tape is...)

I almost forgot the most important part! I was looking on a Steampunk interior design blog, and they had an article on hidden doors. Which got me thinking about hidden rooms possibly in Evelyn's adopted home...

2+2 and 2 x 2 and 2 squared comes to 4 days until NaNoWriMo.

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lolasangel said...

OOO...hidden doors. And a steampunk interior design site!!! You must share the linky.

And OMG...we needs to talk on Friday or at least early Saturday morning.

So sooo close--the chaos begins soon!