Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Already October?

I still have to work out kinks in the plot, but I'm excited about this November. If I happen to be moving then, it will be especially nice to have writing to ease the transition, tying one place seamlessly to the other. As for now, I'm trying to take life one day at a time, accepting the glories and challenges of each individual moment in time.

The time is right to write the musical. It's burning a hole in my brain. What better time to write Baker's Dozen than this October?

Assuming a musical is about 100 pages, I should aim for 3-4 pages each day. I may not update every day, but I will certainly try to check in once a week. How's Wednesday for everyone?


lolasangel said...

Musical! Well blow me down!

And then a novel in amaze and inspire me my dear.

Now I just gotta get my damn plot together. I owe you a call.

lolasangel said...

Hehe...make sure you follow my blog...this new feature is awesome!

Yeah evil villains are hard and also hard to believe. I prefer that they aren't even, just have their own intentions [even if its selfish or horrible]. Of course, the protagonist and others might disagree [or occasionally understand the circumstance, but not the action] therefore making them seem like a bad guy.