Monday, September 15, 2008

More developments for this year's novel...

Evelyn's friend's name will be Nayeem Sameer. I'm still working on the villainess... She's a tricky one. Is she independantly evil? Or she affiliated with some larger, evil organization? She will have an evil sidekick, though that idea is still only a wisp of possibility.

My most promising ideas lately have been coming from my dreams. They have been so vivid and colorful, though also disturbingly realistic. I wake every morning to review the previous day, sorting the imagined events from my actual past. I have been dreaming all sort of occurrences in a few particular locations that I don't believe I have really visited. The dreams are not recurring--the events change--but the places remain the same. Have I been to these places? Should I include them in my story? When I was much younger, I dreamt of an old-German style cottage, and I drew a picture. I showed my drawing to my next door neighbor who told me that almost the exact house was in a city I had never been to before...

Perhaps I should include some element of the paranormal in the stories, especially some small psychic connection or small premonition. After all, how many people have "known" when a family member has been hurt or has died. I'd also like to play with symbolism in dreams, since it has always been an important part of my own development. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. It's something I have struggled with my whole life, and it is an especially important issue for middle schoolers.

I often wonder whether I have an over-active imagination or whether I am actually crazy.

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