Monday, December 6, 2010

Returning to my July novel...

I found a catalyst.  I am writing a fictionalized memoir.  I won't call it a memoir, of course, because much of it will be made up, but I will take real events in my life and make them more extreme.  "What if I never broke up with my high school boyfriend?  In fact, what if I never left my hometown?"  Me, in that situation, would be very unhappy.  I imagine most of my real friends would have given up on me and skipped town.  What if I left to pursue my dreams and reconnect with my friends?  What if my naive self were to trust too much and go broke too soon?  What if I got stuck halfway across the country?  When did I become a cynic?  What caused that?  But can't love triumph over all in the end after all?

We shall see, my friends.  New working title: The Cheesecake Fund.

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