Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did you just say "VLOG"?!

I got on facebook today, and it told me a friend of mine had posted a youtube video, so I watched it. It turned out to be some ridiculous 8 min rant about McDonalds, but at the end, he says, "Thanks for tuning in to my vlog."

Did I hear that right? "VLOG?" Like video log? Is this a new thing? Blogs aren't enough, so now people are recording themselves and posting regular vlogs on youtube? I mean, I know people have been doing that for a while, but don't give it a name--that validates the practice.

I am embarrassed of this blog now. I feel as though I am contributing to the problem. With the understanding that I am totally hypocritical by saying this: Is there a need to spam the internet with 6 billion people's thoughts on the insignificant moments in their days?

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lola said...

Vlogs are evil...or at least just awkward. I keep a blog because it's someplace to keep my thoughts outside of my head that's more convenient than a journal, not because someone needs to see it.

A vlog posted on youtube is made because they want someone to see it, which is part of its heinousness--ugh.