Wednesday, July 1, 2009


True, I didn't even know that such a challenge existed until the last week. I was just planning to rewrite this month. But since it's a "thing," I guess I have 31 days to get out 50,000 words. Though I'm aiming to finish the rewrite, which may be (hopefully) longer than that.

I mean, see how I'm writing even now? I'm writing for my blog about my novel. Which is sort of related. Topically and literarily linked. Almost exactly the same thing!, now I'll just do my laundry and clean my bathroom and take a nap and THEN write my 1600 words for the day. Or I could just do it now.

Right... NOW!

Ok, now. Really. Now.

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lola said...

Yeah...I may do a late start for JulNoWriMo, because I still have a bit of plotting to figure out.

But I hope to write some stuff this month---we'll see how that goes.