Monday, December 15, 2008

Starring in... Why the hell am I still awake at 2:17am?

I finished reading a book today, and it was undeniably satisfying. I haven't finished reading a book for almost two months, though I am reading seven or eight concurrently. My New Year's resolution for 2008 was to read 10,000 pages of reading for pleasure, and I am at about 9,000 pages, with about two weeks to go. Can I make it?

The good news is that it gives me something other than my lack of job to focus my attention on for a few weeks.

On a related/unrelated note, I'm tired, and growing more tired by the second. Why did I drink a large coffee three hours ago? Because I'm stupid. That's right. Stupid.

Who needs alcohol when they get this punchy just being an insomniac?

The up side of being unemployed is that when I finally do crash--minutes from now, hours from now--I don't have to be up before four tomorrow afternoon.

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lolasangel said...

You know...I miss those late nights though. I like being up until the wee hours doing something or just staring at the TV until the sun rises and I'm so giddy that I jump up and down in excitement.

Now I pretty much conk out at 2am, because if I stay up any later, I won't make it to work.

Won't be long til those crazy days are back...cuz I'm gonna be uninterned soon [can't call it unemployed cuz they ain't really paying me].

Impressive reading goal lady! I can't wait til I can read novels that aren't mine...but I gotta finish this book first.